5 Budgeting Secrets You Need to Know!

Hey loves! By now, you have enjoyed the engagement season and figured out your style/vibe of your wedding and you are ready to tackle the budget. Okay, take a deep breath with me.... Inhale....and Exhale...we're going to get through this together. By the end of this post you will feel much better, I promise! :) Many people go about wedding budgets differently, but the tips I'm giving you today will set you up for success. Are you ready? Let's GO!

5 budgeting secrets Unveiled!

1. Choose 3 must haves for your wedding. (These things are non-negotiable) 

2. Prioritize your budget around things you value. (If you value organization and timelines, consider hiring a planner (me!) or if you love photography, consider investing in a photographer that matches your style/vibe.

3. Research and create a budget for each category instead of guessing and coming up with a big number. This will make your wedding budget more realistic and attainable. 

4. Consider having your wedding on a Friday or Sunday. Weekday weddings are a thing now! :) 

5. Hire a planner like myself so you can be a guest at your wedding!

Recently engaged? Allow me to help you plan the wedding of your dreams!! Click here to get started. As always, I want to leave you with a quote:

"Keep calm and hire a planner."

- Author Unknown

Want to know how to have a socially responsible wedding? 

XOXO, Chante Gulley, Chief Executive Planner

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