Bigger Picture + Greater Purpose

Hello there lovelies!

As promised from my previous blog post, today I want to share with you what I am very passionate about. Giving back to the community is an aspect of my business that brings me so much joy. I want my business to be socially responsible in all of it's efforts. My business motto is: Bigger Picture + Greater Purpose. I want my company to reflect this motto. I have partnered with the Hidden Treasures Foundation, a non-profit organization based in San Diego who rescues girls from human trafficking. With each booking, I'll donate 10% of the profit to this organization. It will counts as my client's the first charitable act as a married couple. I want to grow and foster a spirit of giving in each client in hopes they will continue to give back to their community throughout their marriage. Here is a little more information and a short video about this organization from their website:

Hidden Treasures Foundation is a growing organization and has a variety of ways we are engaged in reaching and caring for human trafficked victims. Our goal is to reach victims where they are being prostituted and provide housing, case management and mentoring for those who are rescued from “the life.” We believe that every victim is a Hidden Treasure; hidden from the world and from herself. With the understanding that damaging relationships and traumatic experiences have brought her to this victimization, our fundamental purpose is to provide a safe environment with healthy, life supporting relationships that give her the safe place she needs to thrive. We offer her the opportunity to find her priceless worth in both personal and community relationships based on Godly principles. Experiencing her true value will develop within her hope and strength to pursue a new life.

Here are ways you can have a socially responsible wedding:

1. Repurpose wedding day florals and donate them to a nursing home or a hospital. You can also find companies that do this such as Repeat Roses.  

2. Partner with other socially responsible vendors. If you need help finding them, check out The Black Sheep Bride. 

3. Create DIY or upcylcled decorations for your wedding day. Here are a ton of ideas from pinterest. 

4. Instead of traditional wedding favors, give away seeds to plant something such as a tree or your favorite flower.

5. Find caterers that use locally grown products and ingredients such as, Eco Caterers, Green Truck, & Whoa Nelly just to name a few. 

6. Have a charity registry in addition to or in place of a wedding registry. 

7. In addition to or in replace of: Encourage guests to bring a non-perishable item to donate to a homeless shelter or a book to create a library for an elementary school.

8. Find an Eco-Chic wedding dress!

9. Use Fair Trade Shops to choose products.

10. Purchase a conflict-free and eco-friendly wedding/engagement rings from trusted sources such as, Blunile, Brilliant EarthDoamore and Zales just to name a few. 

Can't wait to partner with you! I hope you feel inspired to give back to the community as much as I do :) I would like to leave you with a quote:

XOXO, Chante Gulley, Chief Executive Planner of Forever Taeken Wedding & Events

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