Wedding Vendor Spotlight: Blushing Water Studio

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Today, I want to spotlight Keren from Blushing Water Studio. She is a lettering artist based in Southern California and her work is AMAZING!! She creates bespoke calligraphy for wedding signage, special events, envelope addressing, home decor as well as commissioned pieces. I met Keren at our local Tuesday’s Together networking meet up and I was drawn to her. When you meet someone like Keren, she makes you feel like you’ve known each other forever. Her grace and elegance exude through all of her work. When you have the opportunity to work with Keren, you will know exactly what I am talking about. She makes everyone feel like a somebody! I love her unashamedly passion to talk about her faith and give honor and glory to God through her beautiful pieces of art. Brides, you have to check out her work, it's captivating! Look at this amazing piece she created for a photoshoot below!

I had the opportunity to interview her and wanted to share it with you below!

Type of Business

I create bespoke calligraphy and designs that celebrate life’s meaningful moments.

Tell us all about you! 

Beautiful photo of Keren and her husband, Manny.  PC:  Natan Vigna Photography

Beautiful photo of Keren and her husband, Manny.

PC: Natan Vigna Photography

As long as I can remember, I have always been enthralled by beautiful script forms and ornamental handwriting. However, I never imaged that I would be pursuing a creative business in this season of my life. With Bachelor degrees in Music and Psychology, my plan was always to pursue graduate school and work as a family therapist. Soon after graduating college, and just a couple weeks after returning from our honeymoon, I began experiencing debilitating symptoms that led me down a health crisis spanning almost a year and brought me close to the brink of death. All of my carefully delineated career plans derailed and my life as a newlywed was diametrically different to what I had envisioned that sweet first year to be. But, God in His mercy, gave me a second chance at this beautiful life by restoring my health, and I found the greatest joy in surrender and acceptance to His perfect will and timing. My husband and I became parents to two incredible little girls and I decided to stay home and give the best of myself to nurturing and raising them. About three years ago, my husband gave me a calligraphy kit for Christmas and that was the beginning of a new love! I knew I was hooked the moment I heard the scratching sound of the nib on paper and saw the ink swell and flow down a hairline path. Since then, I have had the blessing of serving others with this art form through commissioned pieces. I am fully aware that this creative and entrepreneurial journey is just beginning and I’m looking forward to the growth ahead!

What inspired you to start your company? 

I was grateful for the opportunity to provide calligraphy services and create commissioned pieces for friends and family and as more requests started coming my way, I saw it as an opportunity to provide a source of income all while being able to work from home!

What type of services do you offer? 

Keren and her beautiful family on their anniversary!  PC:  Natan Vigna Photography

Keren and her beautiful family on their anniversary!

PC: Natan Vigna Photography

Presently, the majority of my work is divided in two categories: “SpecialDay” and “Everyday” Designs. I provide calligraphy services for wedding/special event signage and day-of items (i.e. placecards, escort cards, seating charts, etc.) as well as envelop addressing. (Custom Wedding/Event Stationery is in the works still!) I also, create commissioned pieces that are more inspirational in nature. Quote and Scripture designs as well as commissioned watercolor illustrations and digital lettering designs.

Is there a meaning behind your company name? 

My company’s name, Blushing Water Studio, was inspired by a quote from the seventeen-century poet, Richard Crashaw. In capturing the beauty and mystery of Jesus’ first miracle at the Wedding at Cana, he describes the transformation of water into wine with the following word picture: “The conscious water saw its God and blushed.” As someone who has experienced God’s power and countless miracles, I wanted to have a name that would highlight the fact that God is still in the business of blessing our life’s most meaningful moments with glimpses of his grace and miracle-working power.

What makes your company unique? 

I have to be honest... I’m still trying to figure this one out! One thing I can think of is that every beautiful client that I have the privilege to meet and create something for, is prayed for as I work on their project. I take the opportunity to lift them up and ask God to show up in their lives the way he did in that first miracle at the countryside wedding in Cana.

How can people find you? (website will soon launch!)

BRIDES!!! Be on the lookout, her website will be launching soon! In the meantime, check out her Instagram and follow her!!!

As always, I would like to leave you with a quote:

"Individually we are one drop, but together we're an ocean" - Author Unknown


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