The First Thing to Do After You Get Engaged!

Photo Credit: Patricia Ling

Photo Credit: Patricia Ling

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! ! ! What an exciting time in your life! By now, your friends and family are asking you about the date, color palettes and discussing venue options with you. You go to work the next day and the questions continue. Allow me to be the first to tell you that you are your fiancé will be the center of attention until you get married. With all of the excitement, gifts, and love from your friends and family, it is easy to lose sight of the meaning of marriage. It can become a time of quickly figuring things out and making fast decisions to satisfy the needs of others. You may even feel behind because your other friend has already found her venue and bought her wedding dress. I want you to know that you are not alone. These feelings of being overwhelmed and behind, in the beginning, happens to most brides.

I want to you to focus on the next couple of sentences very closely. I want to tell you a big secret that most brides often overlook and get swept away by the distractions. The first thing you want to do after you get engaged is..... enjoy the engagement!  This season is so beautiful and I don't want you to miss it. Take a few days...a few weeks or even a month if you can to let it sink in. YOU'RE ENGAGED! :) Go on date nights with your fiancé. Read a book together. Cook together. Think about why you love each other and write letters to each other. Do anything but wedding planning for a few weeks. So many brides get stressed because they are trying to meet everyone's expectation, that they forgot about their own. Everything has a time and a place. Once you have taken time to settle into your new season, start the planning process. You will feel refreshed and ready to plan the wedding of your dreams! Stay tuned for Part 2 on what to do next! :) What's your proposal story? Comment below!

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As always, I want to leave you with a quote:

"In a world full of doing doing doing, it's important to take a moment to just breather, just be."

- Author Unknown

XOXO, Chante 

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Photo Credit (Top): Kenny Gulley

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