5 Things I Learned in My First Year as a Wedding Planner


Hey loves, 

This month marks year one for Forever Taeken Weddings + Events and I am more than excited to share with you things I've learned along the way, things that I overcame, and where my business is going in the future. I met so many inspiring people & learned a lot about myself as well. Okay, let's get started with topic #1

5 Things I learned as an Entrepreneur:

1. I learned that if I don't invest in my company, no one else will. 

2. I learned that everyone is not my client.

3. I learned that community over competition is a key component in the wedding planning industry. 

4. I learned that it's highly important to set your business up legally and getting the necessary licenses + documents in place. 

5. I also learned the importance of having a business accountability partner!

2 Growing Pains: 

1. I had to learn all about social media. I am going to be super honest with you guys. I didn't even know what a hashtag was! I know...super embarrassing....! I have come very far with my social media knowledge, and I am happy to announce that my husband is my Social Media Director!

2. Balancing time with work and family was also another growing pain. In the beginning, I was so excited that I wanted to work, work and work some more. I soon realized that I was neglecting my family and home life. I have made major changes to balance my work and personal life. One of those things was setting realistic office hours for my company! (heyyy!)

My Company NOW: This is the most exciting part! Grab your popcorn and let's keep go! 

Mission Statement: Forever Taeken is a boutique wedding planning company for the graceful bride. We effortlessly bring your vision to a reality while also being socially responsible. We believe that each wedding has the opportunity to impact the world. We are committed to giving 10% to a local charity and we are humbled to say that each wedding booked saves a life!

Core Values: Community, Excellence, Faith, Fun, Grace, Authenticity, Social Responsibility, Client Experience, & Fun

My ideal client loves intimate outdoor weddings with minimal yet romantic details. She deeply cares about learning and loves giving back to the community by volunteering. She is established, confident, polished, and carries herself with grace.

Thanks so much for going on this journey of memory lane with me! I can't wait to see what the future has in store for Forever Taeken Weddings + Events!


Recently engaged? Allow me to help you plan the wedding of your dreams!! Click here to get started. As always, I want to leave you with a quote:

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. "

- Maya Angelou


XOXO, Chante Gulley, Owner + Lead Planner

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