My Spring Bucket List

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Happy Spring Loves!!!

What a beautiful season we have this spring! With all of the super blooms everywhere and the sun shining ever so bright, let's get out of the house and enjoy the beauty. It's pretty amazing when I am driving to church, I can see the California poppies and I just want to pull over and enjoy them :)  With all of the rain we had, it's so fun to reap the benefits with beautiful blooms! If you have not seen them, stop read this and go see for yourself how amazing they are and then come back for other exciting things to do this spring! Here's a photo of my family at Marshall Canyon Trail hiking and enjoying the blooms last month!!

PC: Kaya Illies Photography

This Spring I have 10 things on m bucket list that I want to share with you! Okay, so let's start!

1. Go hiking at Chino Hills State Park with my family. 

2. Go to Santa Ana Botanical Gardens in Clairmont.

3. Have a picnic at a local park.

4. Plant something green for earth day.

5. Go to a dodger game!!

6. Make a craft out of my dried lavender. Have any ideas?

7. Donate clothes to goodwill.

8. Volunteer for a day.

9. Create a doggy play area in our house/backyard.

10. Go to a minor league baseball game. 

What's on your spring bucket list? List it in the comments below!! Can't wait to read them soon!

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"Spring is like the first kiss of summer."

- Author Unknown

XOXO, Chante Gulley, Owner + Lead Planner

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