Defining the Terms of a Wedding Planner

Hello friends!

Today, I will be breaking down the different terms that are used when describing a wedding planner. You may be surprised to see which terms are myths and which one's are factual. Grab your pumpkin spice latte and let's get started!

Let's start with the one that is the most popular, which is a "Wedding Planner", more specifically a "Full Service Wedding Planner". A Full Service Wedding Planner is someone who helps the couple plan their wedding from A-Z. For some, that means right after you get engaged, you hire a wedding planner to help with all the planning. Some of the things included but not limited to are:

1. Helping you come up with a theme/style for the big day

2. Helping you find a beautiful wedding venue

3. Helping you find wedding vendors such as a photographer or hair and make up artist

4. Going on appointments with you such as the cake tasting, and bridal gown fitting.

5. Runs the wedding rehearsal

6. Main point of contact on the day of your wedding.

The Full Service Wedding Planner will manage the day of your wedding to make sure you have the day you always dreamed of. The Full Service Wedding Planner will help coordinate the ceremony as well as manage the all of the guest and keep everyone happy! It's a big task, which is why you deserve a professional wedding planner to execute the day.  

Next, we will look at the term "Day of Coordination". Is this a myth or a factual term? Surprisingly enough, this is a myth. "Day of Coordination" does not exist. One does not show up on the day of your wedding and pull it all together flawlessly. Getting to know the bride + groom's vision takes time. Understanding the dynamics of the big day takes time. Communicating and organizing all the lovely wedding details takes time. There is no way all of this can be done in one day. Let's get real here. It takes a minimum of 5-6 weeks to put all of this together, which is over a month. So the term "Month of Coordination" would not fit into this category either. Let's take a look at the next term. 

I would like to introduce you to the term "Wedding Management", which perfectly reflects a wedding planner who is hired to step in and help wrap of the details of the wedding months prior to the wedding. They generally meet with the client a couple months before their wedding day to fully understand all the fine details, help create a timeline, run the rehearsal and manage the wedding day. Each wedding planner may offer slightly different service, but generally the one's listed above are the basics in most Wedding Management services. 

Lastly, some planner's offer "Partial Wedding Planning", which is in the middle of a "Full Service Wedding Planner" and "Wedding Management". Partial Wedding Planning services means the couple has started the planning but has not completed all of the planning and needs help bringing everything together. This will look different for each bride. Some brides will have found a few vendors, and will need help sourcing the rest or other brides may have an idea and a style of what they want but need help going on appointments to find the right fit. 

I hope this information is helpful and that we can continue to educate everyone on these terms. Recently engaged? Allow me to help you plan the wedding of your dreams!! Click here to get started. As always, I want to leave you with a quote:

"All you need is Love and a Wedding Planner"  - Author Unknown


XOXO, Chante Gulley, Chief Executive Planner of Forever Taeken Wedding & Events

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