You’ve done all the planning? We’ll take it from here!

Picture this, all of your hard work planning turning into a beautiful wedding created just for the two of you. We step in and introduce ourselves to all vendors and make sure they know when and where to arrive. We are there to run the wedding rehearsal to make sure everyone knows where to stand and to remind you and your bridesmaids how to hold their bouquets so they turn out perfect for the pictures.

We will be your biggest support on your wedding day! We will make sure the vendors know where to go and make sure all of your lovely details are placed perfectly. Consider this, you are planning the biggest event of your life and you deserve to have a professional wedding planner. You deserve to have a seamless and stress-free wedding.

You have one job on your wedding day and that is to enjoy every moment with the ones you love.

Rest assured, we will make sure everything is “taeken” care of.